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Company Overview

Salvations Botanicals is a market leader in the burgeoning Cannabis industry. The company operates one of the first fully licensed Analytics Laboratories in Canada, accredited by Health Canada to test cannabis and derivative products for Licensed Producers (LP’s) and Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations growers (ACMPR), as well as approved Cannabis patients.

Salvation Botanicals Executive Summary


Operating under the DL, this division performs contract extractions from various Cannabis strains, and formulates standardized products for the Canadian market.

Operating under the DL, Bioscience conducts independent Analytical Testing, and has developed proprietary methods and protocols to ensure accuracy and reliability.


Operating under the HPL, Purely Hemp produces hemp based food products and ingredients, including protein powder, hemp hearts, oil and coffee.

For more information, contact Rob McIntyre, CPA, CA – Chief Financial Officer

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